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    I am Jenni Barr a family and children's photographer located in Temecula & San Diego, CA. I am a wife to the sweetest man and momma to three beautiful baby girls who make my life wonderfully full and wonderfully busy. I want to tell a story of love through my images, of connection, of the beauty in the mundane. Grab a cup of coffee, a very large cup if you're like me, and stay awhile...

I feel my soul stirring, not sure where to take it. For whatever reason I have this need to not only create but to also share. I am constantly teetering back and forth between wanting to create and pour out and hopefully inspire {and probably overshare haha) and also wrestling with the idea of it not being important and guarding myself for fear of seeking validation. Motherhood has truly been my muse in regards to photography, well in regards to all areas of my life really. So I’m listening to the stirring, not sure where it will go if anywhere, so if you feel like following along I’ll be posting the best of our days over on instagram at jennibarrphotography.

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2016, I’m not sure I’m quite ready to see it go yet. We learned to let go of a lot this year, a lot of distractions, a lot of outside commitments and tried to embrace the simplicity of life while learning how to juggle the beautiful mess of raising four very little littles. We’ve never worked harder or loved harder. We soaked in every bit that was gifted to us, every bit that stretched our souls. I am so grateful for the love and grace that God pours into our lives, I am nothing without it.

These are some of my very favorite memories from the first half of the year. 1233a44a4b4c4d4e4g55c5d5e5f5g5h6791011121314151616b17182122232425262728293031323339404243444546474849505153545555b5656b5758596061626363b6465666767b686970717272b73747576777879



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Little Quinnie Bear. Oh man girl, we sure do love you to pieces. Two years ago we awoke before the sun, gave our big girls one last kiss and prepared our hearts to meet you. I had no idea what to expect this time around, Emery’s birth shook up my nerves and I was just so ready to kiss you and hold you and make sure you were okay. Getting labor started took all day, and my nerves were high. I literally danced all day long hooked up to monitors trying to dance you out. Once those contractions started you wasted no time. I cried, I cried and held you close releasing all those fears I had. You were mine and I was SO MADLY and DEEPLY in love. I never think it’s possible but holding you close today, feeling your doughy skin, your little hands and the way you wrap your arms around my neck. I love you more now. You are spunky and a snuggler. You are independent and feisty, you are empathetic and funny. You’re inquisitive and you’re such a little buddy, always wanting to be right by someone’s side. Aurora and Emery were such mommy’s girls for so long and you are just a family girl. You LOVE your family, your momma, your daddy, your big sisters (you and Aurora seem to have an extra special little bond going on). You remind me a lot of myself in some ways and you’re also starting to remind me of Aurora at two years old. Always busy climbing and exploring. You try so hard to keep up with the big kids and you do a pretty good job. You bring such joy into our lives. You’re birthday was one of the happiest days of my life, forever will be.

Oh and “those eyes,”  those gorgeous lake blue eyes. They slay me, draw me in, they are so expressive and sometimes I feel like I could just dive right in and get lost. They tell a story and I’ve never quite seen anything like them. Can’t wait to see who you become baby doll. You’re the best part of me. Happiest second Quinn Violet.

oh my Aurora Cate. Five years ago you made me a momma, although the dream of you had been there for so much longer than that. You are beauty and innocence, smarts and courage, you are energy and light all wrapped into one amazing little package. You shine girl, I truly believe from the bottom of my heart that God has great things in store for you, they may not be grandiose and extravagant, or they may be, but you’re going to change the world in a million little ways. You’ve already changed mine. You’ve got such heart and it’s so clear that God knew you’d be a great big sister. I love you more than my words could ever say. The tears burning my cheeks because you, baby are my miracle. So utterly proud of you. So thankful for the privileged to watch you grow, to grow with you. Here’s to many more adventures love, just know loving you girls has already been my best.  

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